Sunday, June 9, 2013

Detroit Welcomes: Whole Foods Market

So yesterday after catching up with one of the BFFs, where we dished the dirt and ate Japanese dishes and sushi from Wasabi and then indulged on crepes via Good Girls Go to Paris; I made a stop at the brand new Whole Foods Market . Located in the Midtown/Wayne State area, WFM offers a range of  fresh and organic produce, holistic and sustainable health and beauty products, free range meats, AND products from Detroit companies such as Sweet Potato Sensations. And for that... Detroiters, especially those that are health conscious, are hella excited because this is the first we have access to more and better healthier choices from a grocery shopping experience.

I didn't get a chance to FULLY explore WFM cuz omg it was Cray!! I mean beyond packed, since it s opening this past Wednesday. But, I did get a chance to spot a beautiful array of fresh colorful fruits and vegetables, a juice bar, a cafe with guest enjoying wholesome treats, a beauty advisor answering inquires in the "whole body" aisle, lilac floral arrangements, and a solo guitarist performing for customers upon entrance. Also,after using the bathroom in the upstairs part of WFM, I noticed their was A Detroit Community Room, possibly for employee and community meetings. I can't wait to go back and get the full experience once all the madness dies down! But I'm proud Whole Foods is here...and so is Detroit.

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