Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Musings: Nudez by RenCen Coolbeanz

One of my fav Detroit hip-hop emcee, producers, overall artist, and homeboy,RenCen Coolbeanz, introduced me to his latest music project titled Nudez: Accoustic Remixes. It's a 6 track compilation of songs that were from his previous albums that have been flipped to an acoustic element. Featuring other dope ass Detroit artist including L'Renee, Monica Blair, Deekah "Rockfaces" Wyatt ,and newcomer Diff Jones, this album is a collection of dope rhymes, angelic voices, and strummed guitar riffs creating edge over organic acoustic rhythms and sounds. Listen in....

Album photography by James Morris of DSE@ Grand and Model/Artist: BeeKay

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