Sunday, July 3, 2011

Detroit Artist- Stay Your Ass Here!

I came across an article written in the New York Observer in Sept, 2010 where Patti Smith (singer,writer,artist,and poet) was suggesting to young New York artist on the come up to find a new city..Detroit. At 1st reading it I thought she referring to artist who migrate to or from New York need not waste there time; because the city itself was saturated with artist trying to make their mark. But after re-reading, it was  directed to the living economics that artist will be able to afford to live in. Either way, it's shedding a light that Detroit is indeed a place where the creative(Detroit raised or non)-can start fresh or renew. Due to the low priced housing market here and the grounds to  inhale and exhale inspiration from the environment of Detroit, artist may be able to thrive. Read full article here.


ConversingCaziah said...

I think many people sleep on our city. I am learning Detroit does offer a lot of funky thing for artist to do. The opportunities are here to make a name. My favorite part is the expanding growth. Plus I love the murals all over town.

Melodie Powell said...

Yes you're right! I love that there is this emerging energy amongst the artist and creative people that is beginning to feed off each other. We are finally coming together to make shit happen for ourselves and each other.