Sunday, June 9, 2013

Detroit Welcomes: Whole Foods Market

So yesterday after catching up with one of the BFFs, where we dished the dirt and ate Japanese dishes and sushi from Wasabi and then indulged on crepes via Good Girls Go to Paris; I made a stop at the brand new Whole Foods Market . Located in the Midtown/Wayne State area, WFM offers a range of  fresh and organic produce, holistic and sustainable health and beauty products, free range meats, AND products from Detroit companies such as Sweet Potato Sensations. And for that... Detroiters, especially those that are health conscious, are hella excited because this is the first we have access to more and better healthier choices from a grocery shopping experience.

I didn't get a chance to FULLY explore WFM cuz omg it was Cray!! I mean beyond packed, since it s opening this past Wednesday. But, I did get a chance to spot a beautiful array of fresh colorful fruits and vegetables, a juice bar, a cafe with guest enjoying wholesome treats, a beauty advisor answering inquires in the "whole body" aisle, lilac floral arrangements, and a solo guitarist performing for customers upon entrance. Also,after using the bathroom in the upstairs part of WFM, I noticed their was A Detroit Community Room, possibly for employee and community meetings. I can't wait to go back and get the full experience once all the madness dies down! But I'm proud Whole Foods is here...and so is Detroit.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Girl's Guide to Detroit (Trailer)

A Girl's Guide to Detroit is a short documentary film featuring some of the innovative, artistic, entrepreneurial Women of Detroit; that will debut this fall. The film synopsis is described as -" Detroit is a place that attracts a certain type of individual. Someone that's both tough and independent.That's especially true for the women who have chosen to stake their claim in one of the nation's most complicated cities. Fearless, talented, and ambitious, these women are shaping Detroit's future."
 A Girl's Guide to Detroit | Trailer from 4exit4 on Vimeo.
 Yep I'm so geeked up and excited!Can't wait to see the film in it's entirety. How about you?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Detroit Planet Rock: Royce Da 5'9 and Big Sean

Today WJLB dropped a new joint by Detroit powerhouse emcees Royce Da 5'9 and Big Sean and produced by D12 member/producer Denaun Porter.Royce being a ferocious vet and Sean dropping after much mix-tape buzz;their music individually is finally starting to break mainstream ground. And this joint reminds me of a cut cats would love to get their Detroit Ballroom/Hustle on with...

*this version feat Joe. Budden*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Detroit Groove

I've been grooving to this sucka right here for about a week or so.It's such a sexy vibe.Brought to you by House/Soul/mega producer( Les Nubians, N'Dea Davenport) one of Detroit's and the World's musical genius and musicians, and my good friend- Pirhanahead. Know this man and his Music!

Chrysler Does It Again.

So love this new commercial brought to you by Chrysler, highlighting the beauty and sophistication in areas of Detroit and surrounding areas. And I swear I know where that house at the end is located-on 7 Mile and Sherwood/Palmer Woods baby!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Detroit Groove

"I Said what chu see, is whatcha get naw baby!" 
Grooving to the classic R&B/ Soul group The Dramatics' jam: Whatcha See, is Whatcha Get.

Dally In The Alley

This Saturday : 9-10-2011 is my fav street "fest", Dally In The Alley.Local artist vendors, goods eats from Detroit owned restaurants, dope ass Detroit artist-visual, musical, literary will be performing. Damn I hope I can make it because I do work...arrrggh. If not, have mad fun for me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take A Lil' Trip Downtown with Quicken Loans

 Check out this short documented film expose' presented by Quicken Loans, who moved it's headquarters to Detroit a year ago.Shot in/ around Downtown Detroit, short interviews with local business owners, and  narrated by the famous Detroit radio dj-Mason from WGPR's 107.5.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Corner Store

Corner Store is a indie movie that just hit the theaters. Shot in the D' with Detroit actors,comedians and cameos from Detroit celebrities,the plot is about a family owned store that is located on 6 Mile, and the everyday happenings on the corner.It looks like a cross between Friday and Barber Shop with lots of comedic twists and turns. I'm gonna check it out. Support Detroit!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Light Rail In The City

One of the things I LOVED while staying in Cleveland, Ohio for almost a year; was their transit system/light rail system.Their system went  from one end of the city to the other, outside suburban areas, metro airport and even underground a downtown mall. I often thought why can Detroit have this same system. Well after much rumor of a light rail system coming to the city dreams do come true ...
Final route announced for $500M Woodward light-rail project
Detroit— The city moved closer to building a light-rail path up Woodward Avenue on Wednesday, unveiling the route and stops for the project officials hope will reinvigorate the Motor City.
In announcing an agreement between Detroit and the Federal Transportation Administration for the $500 million project, Mayor Dave Bing called the deal a "landmark moment."
Under the agreement, the 19-stop rail system would run from the old State Fairgrounds at Eight Mile south to Congress and then west to Washington Boulevard... read more here.

I Am a Detroit Gal

I am a Detroit Gal. Detroit born and raised, southern Gal byway of my family roots who came from Arkansas/Ohio to the D for a better opportunity. I am vulnerable, soft, and beautiful yet hard and edgy like most chicks raised in this city. And there's more to my makings. I am a multifaceted soul manufactured by my blood and by my surroundings just like the city I love-Detroit.

Earrings by Ojere Sadiki

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Musings: Nudez by RenCen Coolbeanz

One of my fav Detroit hip-hop emcee, producers, overall artist, and homeboy,RenCen Coolbeanz, introduced me to his latest music project titled Nudez: Accoustic Remixes. It's a 6 track compilation of songs that were from his previous albums that have been flipped to an acoustic element. Featuring other dope ass Detroit artist including L'Renee, Monica Blair, Deekah "Rockfaces" Wyatt ,and newcomer Diff Jones, this album is a collection of dope rhymes, angelic voices, and strummed guitar riffs creating edge over organic acoustic rhythms and sounds. Listen in....

Album photography by James Morris of DSE@ Grand and Model/Artist: BeeKay

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Detroit Artist- Stay Your Ass Here!

I came across an article written in the New York Observer in Sept, 2010 where Patti Smith (singer,writer,artist,and poet) was suggesting to young New York artist on the come up to find a new city..Detroit. At 1st reading it I thought she referring to artist who migrate to or from New York need not waste there time; because the city itself was saturated with artist trying to make their mark. But after re-reading, it was  directed to the living economics that artist will be able to afford to live in. Either way, it's shedding a light that Detroit is indeed a place where the creative(Detroit raised or non)-can start fresh or renew. Due to the low priced housing market here and the grounds to  inhale and exhale inspiration from the environment of Detroit, artist may be able to thrive. Read full article here.

God's Beauty:Detroit Skyline

The weather yesterday was a extremely hot and hazy in the D and then it was followed by an evening of heavy thunderstorms . After the storm let up; the evening sky had taken on a what looked like an apocalyptic  form changing from shades of  yellow, orange, red, and then purple ;it was scary yet beautiful at the same time.I found a few amazing pictures taken by DSE Grand owner James Morris via his tumblr- Eyes of An Insomniac (which also has his other photographic musings of Detroit and more) of this wonderment. Morris clearly captured the essence and the moment of God's beauty in the D.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Musings: Crettia Hunter Channels Safia

One thing that I truly I love about Detroit is our creative community that is filled with gifted visual artists, designers, and craft artists alike.One of my most fav artist and dear friend of Madukes and I is Crettia Hunter; also and affectionately/respectfully known as Mama Crettia. Crettia is a crochet/knit artist, jewelry designer, as well as a highly respected African Dance instructor here in Detroit.As a self-taught crochet artist, Crettia's  pieces are just beautiful and impeccably precise. She is known for designing and crafting her own crochet patterns and has held classes to teach her patterns to other knitters/crocheters @ City Knits. The story behind how she began crocheting is interestingly beautiful as she shares "I  named my shop after a friend. She was a fabulous crochet designer and she promised to teach me the art of crochet but God had another plan for her and she died from breast cancer.About a year after her death, I  layed out her creations and asked her to help me learn to crochet and lo and behold I did. I channeled Safia." Her online store Channeling Safia carries one-of-a-kind funky and eclectic made crochet hats,so check her out to rock your dome-fly!
Mrs. Crettia Hunter aka Mama Crettia rocking one of her fly pieces.
I LOVE this hat. It  has metal hearts linked in the crochet pattern-genius

They are so adorable in their Channeling Safia summer hats.
Channeling Safia earrings. I get SO many compliments on these.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Invincible + Waajeed:Detroit Summer/ Emergence

Just peeped this vid by one of Detroit's, no f@#$ it the World's dopest female rapper, Invincible ,and super dope producer, Waajeed. It's just a beautiful video to match Invincible's heartfelt lyrics spitted beautifully over Waajeed's banged out music production about the heartache and the emptiness often felt here, but then the love, rebuilding the community, strengths in numbers, pride, and looking towards to the future of Detroit.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Detroit Seafood Market: Graduation and Celebration

My little sister, Meredith, graduated this past Thursday from my alumni, Mumford High School, class of 2011 @ Chene Park. Yeahhh Baby!! We are so proud of her..not it's time for her to get a She chose for the family to go to the Detroit Seafood Market for us to celebrate with good eats and lots of laughs. Located in Harmonie Park, DSM is a 3 star restaurant greeted with a laid back ambiance of jazz playing in the background and a gracious waitstaff, that served us with coffee, warm bread, and chives butter before we ordered from the lunch menu. The lunch features was surprisingly only 10 dollars which ranged from salmon, tuna , fried catfish po' bo sandwiches with signature creamy coleslaw and  fries included; blackened chicken with alfredo sauce and fish and chips.We finished lunch with their dessert selections of  key-lime pie, cheesecake, and  bread pudding. The food was absolutely delicious and so was my cocktail of Amaretto Sour :-).I would recommend this spot to Detroiters and visitors to go enjoy and dive into.
Baby Sis-Meredith Powell-- getting that diploma!

Grilled Salmon Sandwich  with fries and signature creamy coleslaw-delicious!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

B!TCHLY BIZNESS: Broads in Total Control.

I have not done a fashion set on one of my fav creating sites, Polyvore, in a long time. To get those juices flowing I was inspired by the bad ass, femme fatal duo, B!ITCHLY BIZNESS.

A b!tch once stated by Iyanla Vanzant is a "Broad In Total Control of Herself" and the B!TCHLY BIZNESS duo straight from Detroit, Chaka Rae and Sassi Blaque, are taking control of the game and consistently defining themselves conceptually with true artistry. By using the elements of a collective passion for fashion design, fashion styling, connaisseurs of music and art,and  Djing these ladies are in renegade mode to uproot the word B!TCH for themselves and Woman. Sassi and Chaka are also co-creators of DWNT81, a collective crew that diversely breaks the barriers of fashion,art,politics,and music. Check their new EP- Guilty Pleasures -which  is laced with various tracks of combined musical genres including techno-booty,soul, and hip-hop and luscious lyrics that are straight in your face sensuality and f*@# you b!tch power.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Detroit Sunrise.

Song of the Day is Detroit Sunrise by Detroit born/raised/still living here highly-known artists Dwele featuring Monica Blair and Lloyd Dwayne.Today is a cold, rainy, and dreary day in the D but we always look forward to the Sun.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Detroit Throwback: Old Detroit

Today's throwback is.. drum roll please....Old Detroit. I found some pics via Vintage Obscura (more pics on the site) that were taking of old Detroit in the late 1800 to  early 1900s. It's so interesting, because these pictures were taking before our time; but the essence and most of the scenery of Detroit still remains true today.

Adams Street: 1920s

Constructing the Ambassador Bridge: 1920s
Detroit City Hall: 1890s
Woodward Ave 1890s-Look at all those store fronts!
style="text-align: center;">

Woodward Ave: Maybe 4th of July Weekend:1890s.Look familiar?
Belle Isle Aquarium:1890s  
Belle Isle Ferry Dock 1890s
Belle Isle:1900   
Campus Martius: 1890s
Washington Blvd and Grand River: 1913
Michigan Ave: early 1900s
Detroit Opera House: 1890s
Grand Circus Park:1914                   

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Styling:Detroit Girl

Once dubbed the Hair Capital of the World, and infamously known for "pimp suits" and "stink pink gators, my Detroit playas",rapped by Biggie Smalls, Detroit most def has it's own style. I created fashion sets sometime ago on one of my fav sites, Polyvore,on a few variations of Detroit style. The collection is titled I'm From Detroit, Trick; and is described as: Detroit: It's grimy,gritty,and raw but there's 2 sides to every city. My city is filled with beautiful,gifted, and talented people. We have had the greatest artists, poets, singers, hip-hop artist, musicians, bands,producers, actors,writers, comedians, fashion designers(Tracy Reese Anna Sui,John Varvatos ) breed here. Detroit has a deep history rooted in culture that is still a high energy of soul, originality, heart, and survival today.

Detroit Swagga: Just as Dope as Any!